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23rd and 24th March 2024

The overland hike is a competition hike for teams of 4 Scouts or Explorers across the South Downs and has been running since 1968.The hike is open to any Scouts or Explorers. Most of the Troops and Units that enter come from East and West Sussex. It takes place around Easter time, the end of March or start of April. The start and end points are kept secret until two weeks before, but are normally somewhere between Chichester and Eastbourne.

The Scouts and Explorers Hike approximately 15 miles on the Saturday and 10 Miles on the Sunday. There are incidents such as knotting, first aid or crisp tasting at the 14 checkpoints. Points are awarded for the incidents as well as for hiking at a speed of 3 miles per hour.

At the campsite teams are marked on their campcraft, menus, cooking and how tidy they leave their allocated site.

The hike is a true test of a wide range of Scouting skills.

Are you up for the challenge?