On arrival at the campsite you will check in and then be allocated a 5m x 5m camping square, into which all of your tentage when pitched must fit.

In accordance with POR, mixed teams tentage is acceptable. Permission for this to take place needs to be given by Parents / Guardians using the Hiker Information Form. Nights Away Passports are not required as this is covered under the Overland Hike.

At Check In you will also be given your start time for the second day if you have managed to complete day one in the allocated time.

If Scout Teams have left their 2nd tent at the start, this will be available for collection at the Campsite Check In.

You will be given your pitch number and a member of the Campsite Welfare team will escort you to your allocated pitch. At this time the Campsite First Aid, Latrines, Water and food waste disposal area will be pointed out.

Consideration should be given to all teams whether getting in late or leaving early on Sunday as there may be teams trying to sleep either when you arrive or are leaving.

The Welfare Personnel will advise the team that they will be judged on Campcraft, Cooking & Inspection. It is the team’s responsibility to contact a Cook Judge when they want their food (all food consumed at the campsite) judged. The Cook Judges are identifiable by their clearly marked tabards

Campcraft Judges will start to allocate marks once you have arrived at your pitch. There is no need to approach the Campcraft Judges.

Inspection will take place both at the team’s pitch prior to departure and at Check Out.

Campcraft - 15 points

You will be marked on your camping standard. This will include

  • how well you pitch your tent,
  • is it facing the right way in the wind,
  • have you used all the guy lines,
  • is everything stored in your tent or survival bags overnight,
  • is there rubbish left out overnight,
  • how well you are working as a team whilst camping.


Cooking - 35 points

  • You will need to get a Cook Judge to mark all the food that you cook and eat at the campsite. The Cook Judges will be around but you must call one over to make sure your cooking is marked.
  • The judges will be looking at taste and presentation of your food, the cooking techniques you are using, how safely you are using your stoves and how well you work as a team.
  • You will also be marked on whether you are eating what is shown on your Menu.


Inspection - 20 points

The points for inspection are awarded for both how the team members and the camping area look when you leave on Sunday morning. You must make sure that there is no litter left on your allocated area and that all team members are wearing the appropriate clothing for the prevailing weather conditions.


Menu – 30 points

The menu is worth 30 points for your Team.

Teams hand their menus in at the start and these are then passed to the judges at the campsite where they will be reviewed for the following:

  • The menu should include their packed lunch and evening meal for Saturday, breakfast for Sunday and any snacks consumed in this period. You do not need to include your Sunday packed lunch or the meal supplied at the finish.
  • The menu should include hot drinks with both dinner and breakfast.
  • The food listed in the team’s menu should have a total of at least 3600 calories per person. Teams will need to show in their menu how many calories they are consuming. This should include those in their hot drinks and packed lunch.
  • The menu should show how the team is covering the main food groups, carbohydrates, proteins, sugar and minerals.
  • The food you will be eating will need to be suitable for cooking on a lightweight stove such as a trangia.
  • The food needs to be lightweight. You will need to show that you have taken this into account when planning the menu.
  • The menu should show the costings for the food.
  • There are no marks awarded for the presentation of the menu, only the content.


It is the team’s responsibility to present themselves to the Campsite Check Out on the Sunday morning at the time allocated to them on arrival. The teams will be given a new white coloured log card for use on the second day. All teams have a maximum of 7 hours to complete the second day’s hike. This 7 hours starts from their allocated departure time. If a team is late to check out they will be expected to wait until an opportunity arises for them to check out but their 7 hours will have already commenced.

Scout Teams may hand in their second tent when checking out on the Sunday morning. This will be transported to the Finish for their collection on arrival.