What is the Overland Hike


The Overland Hike is a competition hike that is open to Scouts over 12 years old and Explorer Scouts.The hike initially was only open to troops and units from East and west Sussex. It is now open to any troop or unit in scouting.

For all four members of a team the hike is a high standard initiative test in Scouting and General Knowledge, together with a test of hiking and navigational ability. During the two day expedition over a route of about 25 miles there are approximately 14 checkpoints designed to find out just what the teams know and whether they can put it into practice.

The hike is negotiated over the South Downs and the route is always kept a secret until the day of the event.

A very wide knowledge of map and compass is required to negotiate the route with particular emphasis on Grid references and compass bearings.

Naturally being a two day hike everything for the weekend has to be carried in rucksacks with a maximum team weight limit of 44 Kgs for Explorers and 40Kgs for Scout teams, including the rucksack. Nothing will be supplied except for equipment necessary for checkpoint incidents. Should any one member of the team have to withdraw for any reason, unfortunately the whole team will be withdrawn.